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BOSSU Affiliate Program

Paid On Results is very happy to announce the launch of the BOSSÜ affiliate program.

BOSSÜ is launching our innovative affiliate program to keen Affiliates for our luxury personalised phone cases. Our aim is to spread the art of craftsmanship, design and innovation. We are looking for Affiliate Partners to work with us to offer our luxurious personalised phone cases while receiving 15% commission for their contribution to sales generated on our site We invite you to become our Affiliate Partner!

What do we offer that differs from competitors?

We understand that people are not satisfied with just any phone case and take great pride in their phones and their accessories. A luxury phone case is a fashion statement and a status symbol. We specialise in High-Quality phone case products & personalisation ideal for your viewers and reader’s iPhone, Samsung and Huawei smartphones.

Why should you become our Affiliate Partner?

In the Affiliate Program it is all about a partnership, where both parties can benefit from joint cooperation. The Affiliate Program is particularly suitable for those website/blog owners, who have well visited website(s), which you can use to increase your earnings via our Affiliate Program. Ideally this agreement would benefit those in the Tech, fashion, travel or luxury field – our products are incredibly versatile and would suit many different individuals and would co-align with many websites ascetics even outside of these fields.

The method of affiliate compensation that we use is ‘’revenue sharing “or ‘’cost per sale“(CPS). In this method the seller pays commission to Affiliate Partners depending on the number of sales made. For every sale made we offer the affiliate 15% commission on sales generated via our site

Our BOSSÜ Collections and personalisation

Designer luxury phone cases for the person who desires a phone case that integrates seamlessly with their premium smartphones. Our products include various stylish collections to fit every individual’s style. Our luxury phone cases are compatible with a variety of iPhone, Samsung and Huawei Smartphones along with premium screen protectors for these leading devices.

All of our cases are robust and will protect your phone from accidental damage. We use a combination of shatterproof cases and shock proof foam or lint (depending on phone case materials) to make the case as sturdy as possible.

Natural and Natural Armour collections – Both collections are created with Impeccable natural wood. These personalised phone cases are handmade with Bamboo, Rose Wood or Dark wood to complement your unique sense of style. Each case is hand carved for the perfect fit and beautifully showcased in a BOSSÜ designer gift box which is the ideal gift for yourself or a loved one.

Trinity collection – A sleek and contemporary collection full of decadent cases available in a range of finishes including silver, rose gold and gold. These cases can be personalised and are sure to add a wow factor to any phone. 

Customisable and personalised cases

Our cases are fully customisable and can be personalised with any name, image or business branding that you may desire. This BOSSU service sets us apart from competitors. We are the only company to offer engraving as part of our complete phone case customisation service. It embodies our passion for total perfection leaving your phone case in a world of its own!

If you’re interested in joining our Affiliate Partnership, do inform us and we would be delighted to work together on this adventure. More about our luxury phone cases on , where you can find a list of our luxurious personalised phone cases.

For more information on the BOSSÜ affiliate program, click here.

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