Card Shack Affiliate Program

Paid On Results is very happy to announce the launch of Card Shack affiliate program.

Hey There Lovely Marketing Boss Person! (AKA. Affiliate) 

Card Shack is my own shop. We have a small team and A LOT of cards! We opened late 2018 and have already bagged 2 awards for being the best Greeting Card shop in Bristol. Card Shack is located in the City Center of Bristol, tucked into the historic Arcade, which accommodates 20 other Independents. The Arcade is a hot spot for people wishing to shop independently in Bristol. On the success of our little shop, we decided to launch a brand new website during lockdown. 

The physical shop itself is performing very well. Everyone has a whale of a time in store, laughing their head off, buying may cards and always complimenting how great our shop is and how it’s their new fave! The New website needs more customer attention. I have had no luck with Google and FB paid advertising. It worked a little, but I feel it wasn’t that beneficial! A supplier of mine recommended Affiliate Marketing to me (which he uses for his card shop) and pretty much sold me the idea. So, please prove to me this works! 

We keep our new, on trend, best selling items on the home page for easy access. But I’m more than happy to share best sellers with you as much as you need. The Art Prints sell extremely well in the shop. It would be great to get these going online too! 

We are not the average card shop. I mean you can see what we are all about on our website We have a huge selection of funny, rude, arty and witty cards suitable for all occasions.  

Our Cards are targeted at an Adult Audience, we do have a few cards suitable for kids. But our main focus is at adults who enjoy a good laugh and want to deliver a true smile to their loved ones. Even if they are insulting them at the same time! 

We handwrite the cards absolutely free and offer same day dispatch when the customer orders before 2pm Mon- Sat. If they miss the 2pm deadline, it’s no problem, it’ll be dispatched the next day. We use the Royal Mail 1st Class service. 

Even better, We offer free delivery to one UK address when they spend £25 or more! 

We are very active online and on our socials. We post almost every single day, gaining new followers daily. 

We run promotions and discount frequently and always have an event going on. 

Our stock is on trend and topical. We have a great relationship with our suppliers, which means no dead stock! 

Why help Card Shack?

I’m a very easy going person and happy to work with you to create the best outcome. 

Our shop is popular. Which means online sales are a added bonus! The more sales we get online is more profit. Happy to see how it goes and work with you to make this an exciting opportunity for both of us financially. 

We are the best Card Shop in Bristol. Probably ever! But officially just Bristol! 

It would be really great to work with you and see some great results online! 🙂 

For more information about the Card Shack affiliate program, click here.