Classic Bags In Bloom Affiliate Program

 Paid On Results is very happy to announce the launch of Classic Bags In Bloom affiliate program.

Classic Bags In Bloom – Vintage Inspired Handbags & Baskets … Created With Love In The UK  x Our range is very exclusive and completely unique … No two are the same … What more could you ask for?

About our Founder “Emma Scott”

Emma Scott was anything but a ‘normal’ child … raised in a demanding religious environment wasn’t the easiest of beginnings, then at the age of 14 things were beginning to change.  Her parents divorced and to escape,  she fell into a world of daydreams and the very beauty of nature, and the possibilities of all that it offered to her open mind.

Years passed and her creative senses seemed lost in endless daily chores and everyday life … her only pleasure was her bags and to be immersed in her secret garden of blooms where she found solace….

But then, in an entirely overwhelming moment, she encountered someone who would change her life forever … his own creative personality sensed her magic and encouraged her to revisit her dreams of beautiful blossoms … and possibilities of merging this with her other passion of bags …  She decided to design her bags to include this very magic of her flowers.

August 2019 with only 2 weeks before London Edge Fashion Show … Emma was persuaded to open her designs up for the world to see.  She forged ahead with this plan with much trepidation … what occurred couldn’t have stunned her more, 41 orders to stock ‘Vintage’ shops in various locations from London UK to New York, Copenhagen, Stenstrup, various places in Germany and Antwerpen Belgium.

So, briefly, that’s how it all began … and ‘Classic Bags in Bloom’ was born …

Please note all items are handmade to order – Please allow 7-10 days …

Our Customers

The Seamstress Of Bloomsbury have recently started using Classic Bags In Bloom products for their photoshoots.

We have found that our main market is The Seamstress of Bloomsbury Lovers, Vintage enthusiasts, 1940s re-enactors, Lindy Hop Dancers, Balboa Dancers, Swing Dance Groups, Jive Dance Groups, Rock n Roll enthusiasts..

People that like us may go to events such as Goodwood Revival, Twinwood Festival, The Vintage Festival and various other vintage inspired and themed events..

We have a strong following in the UK, New York, Denmark, Germany, Sweden and Belgium.

We offer great rates of commision along with a stand out Unique brand … Join our affiliate program today …

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