CTi Knee Braces Affiliate Program

CTi Knee Braces Paid On Results are very pleased to announce the launch of the CTi Knee Braces affiliate program.

Since 1983 the CTi has been providing protection and support to the knee joint. The knee has to sustain large forces passing through it, especially in extreme, high impact sports. To stabilise the knee joint there are numerous structures that form the joint. Ligaments are tissues which connect bone to other bones, in the case of the knee the thigh bone to the shin bone. Ligaments provide a high level of support to the joint, but they can only withstand so much force. The CTi brace is designed to offer rigid support that can withstand high forces and protect the structures within the knee joint.

The CTi transactional website was launched in August 2016. The majority of the products sold on the website currently are that of the CTi which retails at £399 and therefore can offer a decent return. There are also cheaper products available should the higher price be off putting or if the customer is not suitable for the CTi.

We offer free standard delivery via UPS Standard Delivery (2 Business Days) as well as offering both UPS Next Day and UPS Access Point.

For more information on the CTi Knee Brace affiliate program, click here