Easy Online Divorce Affiliate Program

Paid On Results is very happy to announce the launch of Easy Online Divorce affiliate program.

Couples who have fallen out of love and who are worried about the cost and stress of divorce, can use our simple and cost effective divorce process to move on and enjoy a life of opportunity and fulfilment.

Using www.easyonlinedivorce.co.uk you can start your divorce almost effortlessly without even leaving your home!

Our mission is simple – reduce the financial and emotional impact that divorce has on families, by helping couples spend less on their legal fees and reducing conflict between them.

We are changing the face of divorce by providing education, tools and support for families going through the process and making them available to everyone – not just the wealthy.

Easy Online Divorce is a fast-growing company that aims to deliver a quicker, hassle-free, low-cost alternative to the traditional lawyer-led divorce process. In two years, we have established ourselves as Trust Pilot’s top-rated divorce service in the UK with a 4.9 rating over 171 reviews.

We are obsessed with delivering a better divorce experience for our customers and want to become the UK’s biggest divorce provider, helping our clients save £1500 each – that would be a total saving of £150m each year compared to the traditional divorce process.

In our first year we worked with 400 couples, and in our second year we doubled it to 800. That represents a huge saving for those families over £600,000 and £1.2milion respectively.

32,000 people (organic, not PPC) have visited our website seeking advice from the content we’ve written.

We’ve been featured in the Sun, Independent, and This is Money, amongst others, and 24,000 viewers have watched over 2000 hours of videos on our YouTube channel.

Now we want you to share in our success and help us reach 1000 customers in 2023.

Why I started the business

For two decades, I worked around the globe, establishing the international presence of retailers such as Adidas, New Look and Lakeland.

I developed techniques to build rapport, deal with conflict, and negotiate in high-pressure situations.

But, nothing prepared me (like many other people) for divorce.

I saw how families are ripped apart and how many men lose contact with their children following divorce. I discovered there was a lack of information available to help men come to terms with divorce and work out how they could co-parent effectively.

With no one to turn to, I drew on my experience to establish a harmonious and stable environment for my children. And I made a promise to myself that once I got my life back in order, I would write a book to help others.

Then the Pandemic hit.

Not only had I lost part of my family, my career shut down overnight. 

I saw my books were helping people, and with time on my hands, I started to think about how I could make a difference to men, women and families on a larger scale.

Eventually, I landed on the idea of Easy Online Divorce, thinking that if I could help divorcing couples save on their legal costs, I would be able to help many more people than some books. And that is why I’m really doing this – I want to help people to move on with their lives so they can focus on more important things like their children.

I’m not anti-marriage. I’m pro-happiness. Divorce can be an opportunity to reinvent yourself and start a new life.

We’ve now saved our customers almost £2 million in legal fees compared to traditional solicitors using our Easy Online Divorce Process:

  • Order through our secure system
  • Complete our short online questionnaire
  • Relax while we manage your no-fault divorce through the court

There is no risk of making a mistake, incurring additional court charges, or delaying your divorce because we handle everything, including preparing all divorce documents and communicating with the courts.

Why Choose Easy Online Divorce?

  1. Save ££££ In Legal Fees

Save £750 – £1500 on the cost of your divorce. Compared to a high street solicitor, our prices are unbeatable.

  1. Quick And Easy Divorce

Start your divorce today from the comfort of your own home. We complete all the forms and deal with the court, saving you time and stress.

  1. Outstanding Support

Warm and friendly support every step of the way. Instant access via email, WhatsApp and telephone. You’re not alone in this process.

  1. Court Approved Guarantee

We will fix any problem and give you a 100% refund if we delay your divorce.

  1. Safe And Secure Ordering

We use the most stringent payment technology available to keep you safe.

Our Services

We offer two services – divorce and financial settlements.

Divorce Services

  • No Fault Individual Managed Divorce – £249
  • No Fault Couples Managed Divorce – £489

What Is The Difference Between The Individual And Couples Managed Service?

With the couples managed service, we actively engage your spouse, involving them in the divorce process. This can speed up the divorce because your spouse can anticipate the arrival of the divorce papers and ask us if they have any questions on how to respond.

Separating couples also find that this service helps reduce tension and the risk of conflict because we act as an intermediary in dealing with their divorce questions.

The service is also particularly beneficial for couples seeking clean breaks or financial consent orders. Our impartiality helps build trust, which is essential for couples to make a fast and smooth financial agreement.

Financial Settlements

A common misunderstanding is that divorce also deals with the division of marital assets, such as houses, but this is not the case. The divorce process only deals with your marriage, not your finances. Years after a divorce, your former spouse can claim like the lottery winner who had to pay his ex-wife £2 million.

The only way you can make your financial agreements legally binding and protect your finances in the future is by getting a consent order.

A consent order is a legal document describing the financial agreement between you and your former spouse. Once the court approves the consent order, it becomes legally binding, preventing either party from changing their mind and trying to claim more.

A consent order will cover one or more of the following:

  • Lump sum payments and property transfers
  • Selling the former marital home and sharing the proceeds
  • Splitting savings and investments
  • Who will pay any debts
  • Maintenance payments
  • Pension Sharing Agreements

As well as making your financial agreement legally binding, a consent order gives clean break protection. Without this, either of you could claim against the other in the future, putting pensions, inheritances and even a home bought with a new partner at risk.

Financial Services

  • Clean Break Order – £299 (If you have no assets to share)
  • Financial Consent Order – £499 (If you have assets to split)
  • Pension Sharing Consent Order – £599 (If you have pensions to split)

Divorce and Financial Settlement Packages

We also combine the divorce and financial services as packages saving our customers money compared to buying the services separately.


  • Managed Divorce and Clean Break Order – £499 (saving £49 compared to buying each service separately)
  • Managed Divorce with Financial Consent Order – £699 (saving £49)
  • Managed Divorce with Pension Sharing Order – £799 (saving £49)

Couples Service

  • Couples Clean Break Managed Divorce Service – £699 (saving £89)
  • Couples Managed Divorce with Financial Consent Order – £899 (saving £89)
  • Couples Managed Divorce with Pension Sharing Consent Order – £999 (saving £89)

Links can be provided to go to specific landing pages to sell these services.

For more information about the Easy Online Divorce affiliate program, click here.