EXeczema Affiliate Program

Paid On Results is very happy to announce the launch of EXeczema affiliate program.

EXeczema®, we EXplain eczema.

As many as 20% of children and 10% of adults in the UK are affected by eczema. This is a huge market full of people suffering from the misery of eczema that have been unable to find a cure until now.

There are no products available that can actually cure eczema, at best they can only manage it. This means that eczema suffers are actually spending large amounts of money on products that will never end their eczema. Even worse, some products contain ingredients such as paraffin that can actually maintain their eczema.

While products can’t cure eczema, there is hope for eczema suffers. This hope comes in the form of knowledge, understanding and a different approach.


An eczema cure is now available: –

The EXeczema® Full Control Program is the first and only digital learning and coaching program that can actually end eczema.

The program works by curing the mind, changing the mindset that leads to the belief that eczema must go on and on. By seeing eczema as a mental health condition and utilising standard wellbeing coaching processes, suffers will end their eczema within weeks and learn how to stay in control of skin so the eczema never returns.

This digital learning program costs just £295, a small price when compared to the ongoing costs of creams and ointments that don’t cure eczema.

Created by eczema expert Dr Harley, this program includes 7 videos that give a full explanation of eczema, this information will change the way suffers view eczema and allow them to make new choices.

28 days digital coaching program, Dr Harley will support them daily through their journey to eczema freedom.


Our Skin Care Products

Why we sell products when they can’t cure eczema?

Eczema suffers still need skin care products, they just need ones that don’t make their eczema worse. All EXeczema® products are paraffin free and are designed not to irritate the skin. The mild formula is water based and contains only what the skin likes, this allows the skin to breathe and heal.

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