Harfi Affiliate Program

Paid On Results is very happy to announce the launch of Harfi affiliate program.

Who are we?

My name is Chris and I founded Harfi in 2018 along with my partner Sabrina. Sabrina comes from Moroccan descent and was  aware of their long history of handcraftsmanship and was confident their products would be well received over here in the UK. We booked a trip to Morocco to investigate the idea further and this really brought the idea to life as we were able to directly interact with the products and the artisans who made them. This is how the idea of Harfi was born.

The artisanal way of life is engrained in Moroccan tradition as family handcrafting techniques continue to be passed down from one generation to the next. While the artisans are incredibly talented at what they do and passionate about their craft they generally spoke very little English, had limited access to wider markets and lacked any commercial expertise. This meant they were limited to selling to their local community and this often involved middlemen which would cut into their wages considerably and leave them with a low standard of living. By offering the artisans a wider market for their products and cutting out the middlemen, Harfi would be able to offer them more consistent demand and a better standard of living.  By increasing demand and opening up new markets we would be able to have a significant positive impact on these local communities.

What do we do?

We work closely with talented artisans in developing countries to bring you a stunning range of ethically sourced home and lifestyle products. Each lovingly-made piece is truly unique and combines contemporary designs with traditional techniques.

What do well sell?

  • Ethically sourced, artisanal homeware and accessories including rugs, throws, towels, bags, baskets and jewellery

What makes us different?

  • We go directly to the source – artisans in developing countries – to find and collaborate on products that combine traditional making techniques with contemporary designs
  • There are no mass produced items in our collections, making each piece truly unique
  • On the one hand, we help boost local communities in developing countries by providing them with a wider market for their products. On the other hand, we give our customers access to truly unique products with a story that they won’t be able to find elsewhere

Why should you work us?

  • High demand. The demand for sustainable homeware and accessories is soaring and working with Harfi will enable you to tap into the rapidly growing “ethically conscious” customer market
  • Ethically sourced. By going directly to the source and cutting out the middlemen we have assurances that the makers of our products are fairly paid
  • Unique: By working on the designs directly with the artisans themselves we are able offer contemporary pieces made using traditional handcrafting techniques that you won’t find anywhere else
  • Excellent customer feedback: With over 98% 5 star reviews and <5% return rate (versus industry average 20%) you can rest safe in the knowledge that the products will be well received

Who is our target market?

  • The conscious style-lover. Women between 25 and 45 who have a keen interest in fashion and interior along with a strong desire to be as ethical as possible in their daily lives

For more information about the Harfi affiliate program, click here.