Herlum London Affiliate Program

Paid On Results is very happy to announce the launch of Herlum London affiliate program.

Introducing Herlum, where beauty meets sustainability and luxury. Our brand is a harmonious blend of Brazilian-inspired scents and carefully sourced ingredients that elevate the beauty ritual for our customers. Here’s why Affiliates should consider promoting us:

Distinctive Offerings: Immerse your audience in the allure of Brazil with our collection, featuring unique scents and sustainable ingredients. You can learn more about our product offerings on our website, where we showcase our best-seller Copa Dew Oil for face, body, and hair, the award-winning Hand & Body Wash and Lotion, and our soothing candles. These products have been making waves in the market since their launch in 2021, garnering attention from major publications like Vogue, Sunday Times, Elle, Telegraph, and earning the love of A-list celebrities. You can also find our products at Liberty, Cult Beauty, and Anthropologie.

Target Market: Our products cater to beauty enthusiasts who appreciate high-quality, eco-conscious beauty experiences. We focus on providing an elevated, sensorial journey for those seeking a connection with nature.

Brand Differentiation: Our unique edge lies in seamlessly blending sustainability with luxury, drawing inspiration from Brazil’s great outdoors. Every product is meticulously crafted to elevate the well-being of our customers while honouring our commitment to the planet.

Company History: As an upcoming independent brand, we’ve honed our expertise to create a brand that resonates with the modern consumer.

Affiliate Benefits: By partnering with us, Affiliates align with a female-founded brand known for its commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. Our unique offerings create a compelling narrative that resonates with a diverse customer base.

Demographics: Our target market includes individuals aged 25-55 who prioritize eco-friendly, luxurious beauty experiences. We appeal to those who seek products that reflect their values and contribute to a sustainable lifestyle.

Join us in promoting a brand that transcends traditional beauty standards, providing an exceptional experience that customers won’t find elsewhere.

For more information about the Herlum London affiliate program, click here.