Kids Outlet Online Affiliate Program

Paid On Results is very happy to announce the launch of Kids Outlet Online affiliate program.

The Kids Outlet Online was founded in 2015 and offers Big Savings on Little Clothes – Up to 60% off the high street childrens clothing brands you know and trust. We are proud to offer top customer service and have thousands of happy customers.  With a close connection to a supplier of ex store children’s clothing, we realised this was a starting place to create something big. We sell branded clearance, primarily ex chainstore clothing, as well as clearance licensed character clothing. Creating a retail website was the obvious next step for our company. As a company, we are in a very strong position to offer extremely competitive prices and our prices very strongly reflect this. Both selling retail on eBay, and selling wholesale and retail from our website, has shown us that what we offer is in high demand and very popular.

‘Ex chainstore’ means items that have been created for a major high street retailer, who either cancelled the order or had surplus stock. The stock is then sold by the factory as ‘ex chainstore’. As required by the high street stores, all brand names and store labels are removed, essentially ‘de-branding’ the items, and thus lowering the market value significantly. What this then offers to the customer is an item of very high quality and design, made for a company they know and trust, for a massively reduced price. This is a very appealing concept when it comes to baby and childrenswear, as high quality, durability and good fabrics are necessities, yet this is usually very expensive. (For example, a 3 pack of babygrows in Next is £18. We offer a 3 pack of ‘ex-Next’ babygrows for £9.99.) In general, a young family living on a budget will look to save money wherever they can. We allow them to do this, without having to sacrifice the high quality.

The product we offer is well tried and tested, and with years of experience, we know the target market incredibly well and have gained a vast knowledge of exactly what parents and carers look for. We have a very clear target market of parents and carers, usually on a budget, and also seasonal customers looking for gifts. The mums/parents market is an incredibly lucrative market, and also has the strong advantage of repeat business, as parents will usually return to buy the next size, etc.

Our key selling points are


  • Top Customer Service 
  • Bargain Prices
  • High Quality Childrens clothing
  • Trusted Brands 
  • Massive Potential
  • The Kids Outlet sells very affordable, high quality children’s clothing, made for trusted high street brands, for parents of young children looking to save money !!

For more information about the Kids Outlet Online sffiliate program, click here.