Little Bakers Affiliate Program

Paid On Results is very happy to announce the launch of Little Bakers affiliate program.

At Little Bakers we create baking kits designed especially for kids, teaching them how to bake properly. We only use the best ingredients and there are no cake mixes in sight.

Everything is pre-weighed out so there is no stress, no hassle, just lots of fun!

The Little Bakers Club is a monthly subscription, and each month the child will receive their own parcel through the post, containing all the ingredients pre-weighed out (apart from things like butter and eggs), a detailed step by step guide, and a little activity. They could be baking anything from cake pops to flapjacks, to funny face cookies to caterpillar cupcakes.

We started Little Bakers because there are so many children that love to bake, but their parents or carers just don’t know how to, or they find it all very stressful getting all the ingredients and then having to weigh it all out. So we take all of that stress away, and the children get to learn a vital life skill.

Our baking kits are designed for children of all ages.

Commission paid on subscriptions only.

For more information on the Little Bakers affiliate program, click here.