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Muscle Rage Affiliate Program

Paid On Results is very happy to announce the launch of Muscle Rage affiliate program.

Muscle Rage was founded in 2013 to help Men and Women around the world achieve their goals no matter what level of expertise they have in fitness. Whether you are someone who is looking to improve your health and fitness or someone who is edging for that IFBB Pro Card, we have created a range of high-quality supplements that will help you reach your goals, whatever they may be.

We have a wide range of our own products varying from hardcore supplements aimed to those who are heavy into their bodybuilding, all the way to 100% natural products which are aimed towards your average gym goer who wants to see better results. Here at Muscle Rage, we pride ourselves on the innovation of our products. We want to grow with the consumer by making sure we are giving them the best quality products. 

We offer FREE UK delivery over £50 shipped from the UK, same day dispatch and we ship worldwide. Giveaways and offers will be available to affiliates to help drive sales at multiple points throughout the year. We have spent a lot of time and money optimising the conversion funnel and because of this, we have a much higher converting website than the industry standard. We are offering 10% commission on each sale.

For more information on the Muscle Rage affiliate program, click here.

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