Posted by Santa Affiliate Program

Paid On Results is very happy to announce the launch of Posted by Santa affiliate program.

Thanks for considering advertising Posted by Santa on your site! We provide a truly magical experience for kids across the country, sending out personalised letters from Santa in North Pole themed and post marked envelopes with nice list certificates and authentic hand applied red wax seals. We use high quality printing methods, thick paper and card products to ensure the product received is of great quality and thoroughly loved by parent and child alike.

We are immensley proud of the service we provide and truly believe we stand out from the crowd. We have competitive pricing, offer an authentic and high quality product, provide high profit margins for our affiliates and to our knowledge, we are the only service that gives parents the ability to rewrite the entire letter if they desire, something that has proven popular year on year with it being a regular theme in our reviews!

  • “I could write exactly what I wanted in the letter and make it completely personalised to my kids. It also gave me ideas of what to write in case I got stuck.”
  • “Unlike the previous website I’d been using I was able to edit what/where I wanted.”
  • “…and you can even change parts of the letter if you like which I done with ease!”
  • “Was helpful I could Change what was put in the letter”

We take our responsibility to ensure happiness for children very seriously and we guarantee all orders will be received in time for Christmas. As our reviews will show, we have a fantastic approach to customer service and work on the basis that the customer comes first. We had only 1 chargeback for Christmas 2020, which was made fraudulently and therefore found in our favour and we have never had a customer ask for a refund.

For Christmas 2020, only counting large volume keywords we had conversion rates between 10% for generalised topics through to 20% for more targeted keywords. The majority of our customers are female, ages 25-44.

If you believe you have the right site to help us advertise this fantastic product, we would love to receive your application and look forward to working with you.

For more information about the Posted by Santa affiliate program, click here.