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Prepaid Funeral Solutions Affiliate Program

Prepaid Funeral Solutions Paid On Results is very happy to announce the launch of the Prepaid Funeral Solutions affiliate program.

The funeral industry has one of the fastest and most aggresive inflation rates of any sector in the U.K. It rises around 8 to 10% every year which is approximately a rise of between £300-£400 per annum for a standard funeral. Just 10 years ago it was just over £2000, now in 2017 it is approximately £4,000 dependent on your specific needs. It is estimated that every 10 years the price of a funeral will double in price, this has become a major concern.

With a pre paid funeral plan you will be able to guarantee to freeze the cost of your funeral at todays prices, regardless of how long you will live. Whereby giving you the piece of mind to know that when you pass, your funeral is covered and your loved ones are not left with an overwhelming debt to cover from your passing. With prices starting from as little as £5.19 a week, with the option of an upfront payment or affordable monthly terms, it is a must have option for the future for you and your loved ones. Compare the market with the top ten leading plan providers, and get the piece of mind you need today.

For more information on the Prepaid Funeral Solutions affiliate program, click here

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