Quantisport Affiliate Program

Paid On Results is very happy to announce the launch of Quantisport affiliate program.

Quantisport is a sports betting company specialising in Horse Racing.  We use the latest in machine learning technology and cloud computing to generate highly accurate handicap ratings for all horses, in all races in the UK and Ireland each day.

Our custom algorithms are hosted on Amazon based servers that are running 24hrs a day 7 days a week.

What we offer

Our preliminary handicap ratings are published at 8.30am each day for all UK and Irish races.

We then update them at 11:30am taking into account any additional information that can be gained from the currents days racing.  This is then made available through a selection of User Modes

Primary – Top Rated horse in each race
Extreme – A highly filtered view of the Primary mode
Best Value – Carefully selected horses which have a balanced mix of value and strike rate
Primary Dutch – Multiple horses selected in each race

The handicap ratings are ideal for anyone wanting to use data to gain an edge in the horse racing markets.

An Odds Movement table is included with each race showing how the price has changed at various times throughout the day right up to 1 minute before the scheduled off time.

A spreadsheet containing all the tissue prices for each horse is also available each day in csv format.  These are fair prices based on the true probability of each horse winning the race and can be used to find value against the bookmaker prices.

Our results for the last 7 days are posted daily on the Website.

Here are some of the key stats for our Extreme User Mode since Jan 2018

  • Cumulative Points: 1,017
  • Average Odds: 7
  • Win Rate: 21%
  • Average Daily bets: 4
  • ROI: 23%

We are currently developing additional services, these will be offered at not extra cost

  • Access to live predictions updated all day as new data is made available i.e. market data etc.

This is currently in Beta testing and will be released to all members at no extra cost in the near future.

To know more about the Quantisport affiliate program, click here.