Revive a Bee Affiliate Program

Paid On Results is very happy to announce the launch of Revive a Bee Affiliate Program.

We sell a range of products specifically for helping bees.

Established in April 2020, Revive a Bee is an innovative brand that helps individuals with the tools and resources they need to help the declining bee populations.

Our goal is to enable people to make a difference on an individual level, alongside contributing to a greater collective goal.

Our Bee Revival Kits allow you to feed any tired, thirsty bees you might find on your travels and our plantable wildflower packaging creates perfect plants for pollinators.


We’re looking for passionate new affiliates to join the Revive a Bee team and our fantastic program including:

  • A percentage of sales goes to Rewilding Britain
  • Designated point of contact for queries and help
  • Exclusive affiliate opportunities & special incentives based on performance
  • 10% Commission
  • The average transaction value is £15
  • 60 Day Cookie Length
  • High Conversion Rates


For more information about the Revive a Bee affiliate program, click here.