Sailor Jerry Clothing Affiliate Program

Paid On Results is very happy to announce the launch of Sailor Jerry Clothing affiliate program.

Sailor Jerry Clothing is the only online store you’ll find official Sailor Jerry branded designs. Sailor Jerry is a fun, outgoing, awesome brand that sells tattoo inspired clothing and accessories to old school tattoo lovers worldwide. The more you throw your true self into this brand, the more fun you’ll have, and the more you’ll succeed. That’s the way this whole damn thing is designed. So, we invite you to go all in and enjoy the ride.

Our audience is mostly male, loves Harley Davidson, tattoos, rum, and live music, with a whole-hearted ‘all-in’ attitude. A little bit about Norman Collins and the Sailor Jerry brand. In 1999, a group of hard-core Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins fans started a small independent clothing company with a mission to keep Norman’s legacy alive by sharing his iconic designs. Sailor Jerry Ltd. collaborated with local artists to emblazon t-shirts, bags, jackets, and other stuff with Sailor Jerry’s tattoo art. They “marketed” by giving products to rock bands on tour and partnering with brands like Converse.

With Norman Collins himself as a role model, we’ve continued to grow the brand as a creative enterprise, allying ourselves with musicians, tattoo artists, mural artists, motorcycle builders, craft butchers, and other renegade creative types who pursue what they love whole-assedly and whole-heartedly. Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins built his reputation as the father of the old-school tattoo by inking soldiers and sailors on shore leave in WWII-era Honolulu. An unapologetically independent spirit who fully threw himself into everything he pursued. His bright, bold iconic style is what most people think of when they think of tattoos.

With a £70 average basket value, Sailor Jerry Clothing affiliates will be on track for a pretty good monthly income! Our UK store reaches a worldwide audience, and with a huge re-stock and new designs soon to be launched we are expecting a huge influx in sales in the New Year.

For more information about the Sailor Jerry Clothing affiliate program, click here.