Savings You Love Affiliate Program

Paid On Results is very happy to announce the launch of Savings You Love affiliate program.

Affinity Marketing Direct (AMD) has been providing Savings Clubs to the UK market for 12 years.  The clubs are usually promoted through Affinity Partnerships and now AMD is looking to promote the Savings You Love Club through Affiliate partnerships.

Our target market covers all ages, UK locations and interests and consists of households and families looking for value and savings on their everyday spend.  We want our members to have access to savings, offers and discounts on all the things they normally buy as well as treats, takeaways, days out or holidays. 

Savings you Love is an exclusive membership savings club, giving members up to £100 cashback a year on dining, takeaways or grocery shopping.  Plus access to many other offers, savings and discounts. 

The cashback offer is available to all members when they spend £25 on food (but not drink) at a restaurant or takeaway or £25 on food in a supermarket or local store.  This can be claimed once a quarter meaning they can claim up to £100 cashback a year whilst they are a member. 

The offers and savings are available either directly with the Retailer through the membership website or via discounted gift cards which can be loaded and re-loaded to allow savings to be made again and again.

Savings categories are:

  • Dining – restaurants, bars, coffee shops and takeaways UK wide 
  • Entertainment and Leisure – days out at popular UK venues, holidays home and abroad, hotels, cinema and theatre tickets
  • Shopping and Fashion – big brand names such as Marks and Spencer, New Look, ASOS, Sports Direct and Currys PC World
  • Everyday Essentials – food shopping and essentials from stores such as Morrisons, Asda, Argos, Sainsburys and B&Q
  • Vacation or Staycation – holidays at home or abroad, budget holidays with Hoseasons or trips to treat with Royal Caribbean

There is something for everyone in Savings You Love and we calculate that just by using the offers and discounted gift cards for the weekly shop, takeaways or eating out, holiday, weekends away or days out, a member can save over £500 in a year, every year!

Savings You Love is unique in offering substantial cashback just for doing the normal shop and our offers are not subject to restrictions or maximum usage limits like some other memberships.  Our members can use the discounts and offers again and again, saving them money every day!

On sign up our members are given a 30 day free trial of the club and we generally see a high retention of customers from sign up to billing.  Because of the free trial, we don’t bill the customers until day 31 after sign up, so payment of commission will be on successful billing of a customer.  This means that our definition of a ‘valid’ lead for commmission terms is one who has billed and therefore commission will be paid after day 31. 

We validate card details at the time of sign up so that we know we have valid billing information before reporting a sign up.  Some customers choose not to continue with the club after the 30 day period and we do remind them prior to billing, as per Visa regulations, in order to treat customers fairly. 

Even if the member cancels after billing and requires a refund, we will not clawback commission.

For more information about the Savings You Love affiliate program, click here.