Short Term Finance Affiliate Program

Paid On Results is very happy to announce the launch of Short Term Finance affiliate program.

The clues in the name, we provide short term loans to the subprime market, through our home collected credit licence. We offer first-time loans of up to £500, but the average due to risk factors is around £200

We have been trading for over 15 years and have a large field force of agents that interact with the customers, dealing with issues, taking payments and issuing loans. 

We are fully self-funding with no facilities from banks. This puts us in an ideal position to grow even further into the market place.

We are fully compliant with FCA rules and guidance in every part of our business.

We can provide loans within hours of the applications being made ( subject to status and affordability ) 

We use a fully hosted system, this makes it easy for us to change, adapt and develop. As well as making it easy to track loans through the application stage to the final payout 

Customers have use of an online portal to view everything regarding their account

Validation Of Loans:

Commission is paid out on completion of a loan.

Borrowers give their general details on the online application form and Short Term Finance will give a decision within a week from application.

As we work in subprime market the only restrictions that we have in place regarding applicants is that they do not have any of the following

– An active bankruptcy order
– Active DRO
– Active debt management plan

Other than that we are open to anyone applying for a loan.

For more information about the Short Term Finance affiliate program, click here.