Supreemlife Competitions Affiliate Program

 Paid On Results is very happy to announce the launch of Supreemlife Competitions affiliate program.

Introduction to Supreemlife Welcome to Supreemlife, the premier destination for skill-based competitions where every entry contributes to not only your chances of winning spectacular prizes but also to meaningful community support. At Supreemlife, we blend thrilling competition with philanthropy, giving every participant and affiliate the opportunity to make a real difference.

Our Products and Services

  • Exciting Competitions: Participants can enter to win diverse prizes including cash, high-tech gadgets, luxurious vacations, and even vehicles.
  • Skill-Based Engagement: Each competition is designed to challenge and engage, making winning a satisfying accomplishment.

What Makes Supreemlife Unique?

  • Commitment to Charity: A portion of every entry fee is donated to various charitable causes. We believe in using our platform to effect positive change.
  • Transparent and Fair Draws: We ensure fairness through live draws, transparent entry tracking, and clear terms of service.
  • Community and Winner Focus: Celebrating winners and their stories on various media platforms, enhancing their experience and community feel.

Our Market Position and History Supreemlife is operated by Pikeet Group UK LTD, based in Covent Garden, London. Since our inception, we’ve set out to offer more than just a gaming experience; we offer a chance to win and a chance to give. This dual-purpose approach sets us apart in the competitive market of online gaming and lotteries.

Benefits of Promoting Supreemlife

  • Engage with a Broad Audience: Our services appeal to a wide demographic, from tech enthusiasts and travelers to philanthropists and casual gamers.
  • High Engagement Opportunities: Frequent competitions mean continuous engagement opportunities for your audience.
  • Support a Good Cause: Promoting competitions that also benefit charitable causes enhances your brand’s image and aligns with corporate social responsibility goals.

Target Market Demographics

  • Age Group: Primarily 25-54, appealing to both younger audiences looking for excitement and older groups seeking reputable and meaningful engagements.
  • Interests: Gaming, philanthropy, technology, travel, and automobiles.
  • Behavioral Attributes: Socially conscious, enjoys challenges, and appreciates transparency and fairness in competitions.

Why Affiliates Choose Supreemlife

  • Attractive Affiliate Offers: Join us and benefit from competitive advantages provided through our affiliate programs.
  • Marketing Support: Access to high-quality marketing materials, real-time competition updates, and tailored support to maximize your campaigns.
  • Community Impact: Your promotion helps not just a business but also the broader community through our charitable donations.


  • Exciting, diverse competition offerings with great prizes.
  • A strong commitment to charitable contributions.
  • Transparent, fair, and engaging competition structure.
  • Broad and inclusive target market.
  • Supportive affiliate program with significant marketing and community impact.

Join us at Supreemlife as we redefine winning by not only providing exciting prizes but also making a positive impact on the world. Become an affiliate today and be part of a journey that delights, engages, and gives back!