Surya Heating Affiliate Program

Paid On Results is very happy to announce the launch of Sury Heating affiliate program.

Surya Heating is an exciting, family run online retailer of infrared heating panels that you can use at home, at work, or even outside. What makes them unique is that they’re low energy, efficient, require zero maintenance and look absolutely fantastic!

Seriously – they’re just 22mm thick and install near flush to your wall, or even your ceiling. Those going for a wall installation can even go and get an image printed on their heater, masking it entirely (before you ask, yes, you can get YOUR own image printed on it too).

We’ve also got Bar Heaters that are great for commercial spaces like offices, and even outside in patios and pergolas.

Our clients’ needs vary – some need to heat an individual area, whereas others have done full house installations of our infrared heaters, combining them with solar panels for a fully sustainable heating system.

What makes us different to any other infrared heating retailer is that we actually live infrared and use it on a daily basis – this is how the company started. The directors – Amit and Prashant, had no gas supply to their offices, and needed an affordable electric solution. Infrared was the answer and nearly a decade later, Surya Heating are one of the biggest IR Panel retailers in the UK.

In that relatively short amount of time, Surya Heating have…

  • Helped over 20,000 people slash their heating bills with infrared
  • Been featured on TV, in Sarah Beeny’s Renovate, Don’t Relocate
  • Showcased our heaters at dozens of exhibitions up and down the UK
  • Established ourselves as the fastest in turning around Custom Image Panels
  • Acquired a 16,000 sq ft warehouse to store thousands of units at any given time
  • And got ourselves a 4.4* rating on Trustpilot.

That all sounds great – but why should you work with us?

First, as we’ve established, we know what we’re doing with infrared heating. We’ve specced thousands of homes by this point, and have decades of collective experience. If you need technical assistance, we’ve got it in abundance.

Second, our in-house team are exactly that – in-house. We don’t outsource any of our marketing. What this means for you is fast turnarounds for any marketing material, images, banners, copy or anything else you might need.

Third, heating is on everyone’s lips as we move away from non-renewable energy sources. Here, we’ve got a low energy, sustainable, solar compatible heating system that comes in at a fraction of the up-front cost of an Air Source Heat Pump.

Fourth, we’re pretty generous with our commission structure. And with an AOV of £300, a 5% commission structure nets you an average of £15 for a single transaction. If you want to help us, we want to help you. It’s as simple as that.

If any of that sounds appealing, just sign up to become one of our affiliates and let’s start working together!

For more information about the Surya Heating affiliate program, click here.