Syntropy States Affiliate Program

Paid On Results is very happy to announce the launch of Syntropy States affiliate program.

The Syntropy Partnership are designers of beaututiful immersive 8D Audio Visual Relaxation Aids and Breath Pacers. Offering coherence for the mind, body and soul, they help reduce stress and anxiety in just 5 minutes. Available in download and an APP very soon. We are new to market in 2021 and appeal to a wide range of niche and mainstream markets, but basically we have the tools for anybody that simply needs to relax, and it only takes 5 minutes to do so.

We are looking for Affilates who want to get involved in an exciting new venture at a time when we need to be able to switch and relax more than ever. We are a small team producing original 8D binaural music and original digital art which makes us unique in a marketplace full of stock imagery and sounds.

Our Main 2 Products are currently

8x Beautiful Audio Visual Relaxation Aids – Downloadable Product

  • Feel relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated whenever you want.
  • Download and enjoy anytime, any place on desktop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Warning – only watch when it is safe to do so – these are seriously relaxing!

7x Immersive Audio Visual coherence Breath Pacers based upon geometric shapes – Downloadable Product


  • Stunning, engaging and VERY effective! Achieve calm, clarity and coherence in just 4 minutes!
  • The series is available in both Light and Dark mode for enjoyment at any time of day or night.

Both sets are available in both Light and Dark mode for enjoyment at any time of day or night. There is literally nothing else like these breath pacers available on the market. Most breath pacers are simply mechanical – these expand and contract and help you to breath at certain paces!

Syntropy States have created an engaging experience in which the beautiful, evolving digital generative art and soothing multidimensional rhythms not only pace your breath to perfection but elevate you emotionally too. The result is measurably higher levels of coherence – and we know because we’ve done the measuring!

For the best experience wear headphones.

Coming Soon – SYNTROPY – The APP – More details to follow.

For more information about the Syntropy States affiliate program, click here.