The Craft Beer Gift Card Affiliate Program

Paid On Results is very happy to announce the launch of The Craft Beer Gift Card affiliate program.

Here at The Craft Beer Gift Card, we celebrate the art of brewing and the joy of sipping a cold, refreshing beer.

We are the perfect present for beer lovers and a great promotion partner for seasonal gifting events such as Father’s Day & Christmas.

Our passion for craft beer and the desire to support independent breweries have driven us to create this unique present for beer enthusiasts and those new to the world of craft beer.

Our quick, simple gifting solution is a ‘one for all’ style e-gift card which can be swapped by the recipient for a fantastic choice of the UK’s best independent breweries’ e-gift cards.

All our brewery partners deliver UK wide, so whether giving or receiving The Craft Beer Gift Card, we have our customers covered.

Our Directors/Founders are Mike Moss – a craft beer enthusiast and business development coach who came up with this great idea, and Caroline Watson from Voucherline,  a gift card entrepreneur with over 28 years of experience in selling branded gift vouchers and gift cards, who gave Mike the support he needed to create the card.

Orders are looked after by Caroline’s award winning customer service team at Voucherline, and Mike looks after all of our partner relationships, vetting the craft beer breweries (and having several sample beers in the process we have no doubt!).

Together, they have created The Indie Gift Card Company, who owns The Craft Beer Gift Card – a great solution for giving the gift of beer to your loved ones, teams, or customers. (We have more brands in the pipeline – coming soon).

Is your audience on the hunt for a gift idea that’s as unique and delightful as a well-crafted IPA or as smooth as a stout? Look no further! Our newly launched Craft Beer Gift Cards are the answer to all those gifting dilemmas. Whether it’s surprising a friend, treating a family member, or honoring a colleague, our gift cards are a great option to give as a present or just to say ‘thank you’.

Our e-gift cards aren’t just a ticket to a pint; they’re a passport to explore a diverse range of independent breweries.

With a wide array of partner breweries and taprooms from across the UK (with more being added every few weeks), recipients have the freedom to choose their beer adventure. From local microbreweries pouring small-batch goodness to renowned craft beer havens offering an extensive selection, our one card provides for dozens of possibilities. 

Our Target Audience

Gift givers buying presents for their friends, family members, loved ones, colleagues etc. 

What Makes Our Craft Beer Gift Cards Special?

  • Versatility: Our gift card caters to all tastes and preferences, from hop heads craving bitter brews to fans of the smoothest session ales.
  • Personalisation: Tailor your gift by choosing the card value and message that suits your recipient’s beer-loving heart.
  • Convenience: Say goodbye to the hassle of guessing someone’s favorite beer style or brewery. Buy this one gift card and let your recipient explore and pick their perfect pint! 
  • Independence: By purchasing a Craft Beer Gift Card you will be helping to support independent businesses across the UK. We’re proud to be representing these beer trail blazers.
  • Digital: Our gift card is digital and sent by email which means (almost) instant delivery, or you can choose a future date. No plastic and minimal impact to the environment – so simple!

How Customers Buy These Brew-tiful Gift Cards

It’s as easy as raising a pint! 

As it stands, we only sell one product / e-gift card – The Craft Beer Gift Card, so it’s very easy to promote. 

Customers simply head to our buy page and select the amount they would like to give, add their email address, a personalised message if they wish, and checkout! 

Gift card amounts available are anything between £10 to £500 and exclude VAT.

The recipient receives an e-gift code with instructions on how to savour the finest brews in the country.

  • Cookie length 30 days
  • Invoice payment within 21 days
  • Voucher codes / partnerships open to suitable partners
  • Enjoy commission on purchase values of between £10 – £500

*Please note we pay commission on purchases of The Craft Beer Gift Cards only  i.e. the gift giver (we do not offer commission on purchases made by redeemers i.e. existing members who have received / registered their Craft Beer Gift Card and created an account). 

For more information about the The Craft Beer Gift Card affiliate program, click here.