The DA Group Affiliate Program

Paid On Results is very happy to announce the launch of The DA Group affiliate program.

Our Target Market

The weight loss market is vast and continues to grow rapidly, especially after two years of lockdown – many people are looking for ways to help them lose weight. This is the same throughout the world which is echoed within our large international following (we ship worldwide).

Although our diet plans are suitable for both male and females (in fact, men seem to lose weight at a faster rate than women), we find that most of our customer base is female. Therefore, we have concentrated on two target markets:

  • Females aged between 24 and 45
  • Females aged between 45 and 65 (peri-menopausal and post-menopausal)

There are so many options for people searching for weight loss and it can become very overwhelming. The DA Group have made it as easy as possible by creating a “Starter Pack” that contains everything a customer needs to get started on their weight loss journey. This product serves demographic 1.

There is also a lot of media attention concerning the menopause and its associated issues – one of which is that nearly 90% of women experience problems with weight gain. Due to hormonal changes, it is very difficult to lose weight during this phase of their lives. We have developed an industry first – a menopause diet plan where we have adapted our meal plans to help peri-menopausal, menopausal, and post-menopausal women (demographic 2)

We have also found that certain groups of people have a higher desire to lose weight, and these include:

  • People going on holiday
  • People getting married
  • Recently divorced
  • People wanting to lose weight for medical reasons – underactive thyroid, PCOS, diabetes, etc


Our Products

At The DA Group we sell a range of diet plans, recipe books and complimentary supplements that help negate some of the side effects associated with weight loss. Uniquely, we also offer 24/7 dietary support and advice via our Facebook group.

This results in a very high success rate and subsequent repurchases.


Our diet plans are suitable for all kinds of dietary requirements including:

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Flexitarian
  • Pescatarian
  • Asian/Halal


All our products are made with the utmost attention to quality and ethics. They are:

  • GMO free
  • Lactose free
  • Gluten free
  • Cruelty free
  • No artificial colours/flavourings
  • No perservatives
  • Halal
  • Vegan friendly
  • Manufactured in the UK and France
  • Trading Standards Approved
  • Available in select pharmacies
  • Multi-award winning


We have two best selling products designed for our two primary markets:

  • Advanced Diet Plan Starter Pack |
  • Menopause Diet Starter Pack |


For the full range visit our products that accompany the diet


Why Customers Choose DA?

  • Our award-winning products are safe and regulated
  • “Buy with Confidence” with our Trading Standards Approval
  • Our products are reasonably priced
  • They get quick, reliable results
  • Lots of easy/quick nutritious recipes
  • Fantastic helpful, and friendly support
  • Specialist support for Asian/halal dieters
  • Health Supplements to help them stick to their diet
  • We ship anywhere in the world from our base in the UK


A Bit More About Us

The DA Group (DA) was officially established in 2012. We are family-run company born out of our own personal weight loss success.

It all began when Katie Thomas decided to devise her own weight management plan. She’d been unable to find anything that worked for her in the crowded weight loss market. Katie was desperate for an approach that would put her back in control of her weight without making her tired and hungry, or interfering too much with her busy life.

Working with her dad Tony, a chemist, Katie devised an effective, easy to follow, slimming plan and a range of natural supplements to support her on her new diet. The plan was designed to help her reach her target body weight while getting all the nutrition she needed. Katie easily achieved a healthy 2 stone weight loss, going from 11 to 9 stone, and her success inspired other family members to try the diet too.

All the DA founders have experienced weight challenges, and all have lost weight on the now bestselling “Advanced” diet program. Katie’s mum Emma had gained weight due to menopause and an underactive thyroid, and Tony had experienced slow but steady creeping weight gain over five years. For Katie’s husband Shaun, the underlying cause was a condition in his legs called compartment syndrome. By combining the supplements with the easy, accessible eating plan, Shaun lost 5 stone, going from 20 stone to 15 stone and Tony lost 3.5 stone. Emma achieved her target 5 stone weight loss, going from a size 24 to a size 14-16.

Keen to help others share their success, the family founded The DA Group, which in its infancy was called Drop Away. The company rebranded officially to The DA Group in 2019, a homage to its members who fondly called them DA. The DA Group reflects its widening range of products, which now go beyond weight management to cover other beauty and wellbeing needs.


The DA Mission

The DA Group’s mission is to make people feel great about themselves.

We don’t want to dictate how people should look or what size they should be, but if you have a healthy goal, we want to help you achieve it. Our mission is to make the process of weight loss as simple and natural as possible, with an eating plan that’s easy to follow and fits in with real life.

There’ll certainly be days when people want to treat themselves, so The DA Group have devised a plan and products that make this possible. The demands of daily life mean people often need speedy, simple meals, so the plans include lots of quick, fuss-free options. It’s also important that you can enjoy your food, along the way, which is where DA’s delicious recipes come in. These have been devised to suit a range of tastes and requirements.

Above all, The DA Group’s core weight loss plans are designed to be healthy and nutritious, and it won’t leave anyone hungry. These are plans that cultivate good eating habits which will stay with you once you reach your target weight, enabling you to stay the size and shape you want to be.

All our products are manufactured with the utmost attention to quality and ethics. They are, GMO free, lactose free, cruelty free, Halal and vegan friendly and manufactured in the UK and France by reputable pharmaceutical companies. These are products The DA Group’s founders have used themselves and truly believe in.

While The DA Group was born out of a family’s personal weight loss journey, its product range is no longer just about weight management; its offering is continually evolving to offer other products and niches that are focused on health and wellbeing. If your hair looks and feels tired, The DA Group’s landmark Hair Oil and Essential Hairfood capsules could be just what you need – and keep an eye on The DA Group’s website for more unique products. More recently their highly anticipated ‘Menopause Diet Plan’ that has the media falling over themselves to nab an exclusive with, all designed to help menopausal customers look and most importantly, feel wonderful in an often-ignored demographic.


We Are An “Easy Sell” 

Our many fantastic weight loss stories and excellent customer results are highly motivational. There are also many press releases of our customer success stories and how this has changed their lives.

We have high customer retention rates and lots of repeat business which makes it easy to promote and sell our products.Here is what our customers say about us:

“One word sums up DA. … that is ‘WOW’ !! Finally a diet that does what it promises . No gimmicks or starving yourself , this diet really works if you stick to the plan. Can’t recommend enough , if you’ve tried everything else then try this you will not be disappointed. This is my go to plan when I need to lose for a special occasion or holiday. Currently lost 18lb in just over 3 weeks on the reset plan and will be moving on to the advanced after returning from my holiday. The support on the group is amazing … always on hand to help with every question and everyone really encourages each other. Thank you DA … so happy I found you.” – Louise Dott

“I have used DA products for the past 3 years on and off and these have certainly helped me to loose extra weight I regained during lock down. The process is easy to follow and there are many food options available to help you create tasty meals with lots of variety. I’ve struggled for years with my weight and DA has been a massive impact on how I have minted previous weight I lost when I first started the program I lost 2st in 6 months which is a big achievement due to the continuous health issues I suffer with. I would highly recommend DA products for positive viable results and a great support group.” – Catherine Newton

“Finally this is the diet that works for me. I have been using DA products on and off for a few years now. I had lost from a dress size 18 to a size 12. Due to long COVID I had gained so much and went up to dress size 20! I have just started on DA menopause plan and have dropped a dress size within a month. DA WORKS! For me it’s DA all the way…. Thank you Drop Away, I am still going to take the tablets and reach my ideal goal weight. Well done. I will send my before and after photo when I get to my ideal weight.” – Florence


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