Tiande Affiliate Program

Tiande Paid On Results are happy to announce the launch of the Tiande affiliate program.

TianDe Shop is the largest franchiser of TianDe Beauty and Health Corporation in the United Kingdom. TianDe offers a natural cosmetic products range based on Chinese and Tibetan Herbal Medicine.

These therapeutic products aim to help with issues such as hair loss, acne, female care, etc. as well as provide a fantastic range of beauty treatments for the skin. Aromatherapy and Salt Therapy are a big part of TianDe, as products are made from ingredients found in the most ecological places of the planet – Tibet, Altai and the Dead Sea. The smells will take the customer away into a dreamland of senses. Our product range covers the needs of most customers as we offer products for Foot Care, Body Care, Face Care, Hair Care, Skin Care a Body Detox Programme and many more.

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