Tifosi Optics Affiliate Program

Paid On Results is very happy to announce the launch of Tifosi Optics  affiliate program.

Tifosi has been trading over 20 years making high quality sunglasses for Cyclists, Runners, Golfers, Fishing, Shooting, Gaming and Casual everday wear. The brand has a strong presence in the US market and sells more units in independent cycling and running shops than any other stocked brand. Tifosi has been gaining a UK presence and building a following in the UK for a few years through cycling and running shops and now is the time to reach the wider market. 

Tifosi glasses are made to be robust and take a beating and survive, while giving high optical clarity, at a price that is wallet friendly to the consumer. Investment in lens technology has allowed the release of several photochromatic lenses, glare reducing polarized lenses and Enliven Colour Enhancing lenses that provides greater contrasts for mountain bikers spotting roots and ruts, to Golfers looking down a hole to see the fairway and greens. 

We are ZyroFisher, the distributor of Tifosi in the UK. We have multiple websites already using the POR Affiliate platform and have been prompt with payments and keeping the accounts funded to allow a steady stream of links. We have invested in a platform to maximise conversions to turn your refferals into sales.

For more information about the Tifosi Optics affiliate program, click here.