Trends & Tags Affiliate Program

Trends & Tags Paid On Results is very happy to announce the launch of the Trends & Tags affiliate program.

Trends & Tags is fast becoming one of the best streetwear platforms where you can discover exciting new brands, get news on the best events, urban music releases and upcoming trends in the streetwear fashion world.

Our platform has the urban fashion community at its heart. So it only makes sense to broaden our community and share our success with this exciting collaboration opportunity.

Affiliate marketing is a very lucrative way to monetize your website, instagram page and fashion blog, so if you feel that your followers and readers will be interested in our products then please get in touch. As our brand ambassador and affiliate partner you will get paid uncapped commission, get exposure on our social media channel and receive amazing perks like VIP access to our events, concert tickets and holidays.

Affiliate Offer

We pay out commission on validated sales (excluding delivery charges, discount codes and VAT) that you drive to our website. Our rates of commission are one of the highest in the industry and starts at 10%. Our commission is also uncapped, giving all of our brand ambassadors, social influencers and affiliate partners unlimited earning potential

How Do You Get Paid

We strongly recommend using our custom affiliate link in your social media bio. This link allows you to see on PAID ON RESULTS affiliate platform how many of your followers are going to our store and also how many orders are being made. By using this affiliate link to Trends & tags you will take a commission on every click from one of your followers that ends in a sale.

There are loads of exciting ways we can collaborate like having your own blogger boutique on your own website featuring Trends & Tags products, our VIP scheme and increased commissions for our most engaged affiliates. You could even come visit us at our east London showroom!

For more information on the Trends & Tags affiliate program, click here.