Velmer Affiliate Program

VelmerPaid On Results is very pleased to announce the launch of the Velmer affiliate program.

Velmer is a subscription box service offering a brand new premium daily contact lens without the price tag. Our boxes are delivered direct to users with a membership customised to their usage. We offer new users a free trial of our product to make sure that it is a match for their eyes and they continue from there on. Think Dollar Shave Club but for contact lenses.

The contact lens market in the UK is roughly 4.2m users each year but 63% of the country have a vision impairment which would make them appropriate for our product. The UK lags behind most of the developed world in contact lens adoption. For example in the UK only 15% of vision impaired people have contacts whereas in the US it’s closer to 30%. We hope that by offering an affordable contact lens and a slick online hassle-free membership we can offer the market a great product and a great price.

For more information on the Velmer affiliate program, click here