Virtual Aerospace Affiliate Program

Paid On Results is very happy to announce the launch of Virtual Aerospace affiliate program.

Virtual Aerospace is the LARGEST commercial flight simulator operation in the UK and has been operating since 2010

Full details below but the highlights are:

  • 2 options for flight simualtors
  • 737 800 Jet Airliner and Vulcan Bomber (World’s only simulator)
  • Three locations (Shoreham, Sywell and Stockport)
  • NOT a home sim or basic build. Our sims are professional standard
  • Leading flight simulator company in the UK
  • Attractive commission

We offer fixed base simulator experiences in a choice of simulators. The first is the 737 800 Passenger Jet Airliner. We give people fresh to aviation a fantastic experience to know what it is like to be captain of this 189 passenger jet airliner. Although the simulator doesn’t move people are convinced it does as we use visual trickery and sound effects to fool them.

The second is the WORLD’s ONLY Vulcan Bomber simulator. An amazing aircraft that had pride and place in the RAF for many years. Many of our customers have happy memories of this fabulous aircraft creating a healthy following of Vulcan fans wanting to experience this unique product. The last ever flight was in 2015 so this truly is the ONLY way anyone will experience this amazing machine.

We have three locations which enable us to provide experiences for a large portion of the country … particularly if the individual is willing to travel. Our locations are in Stockport, Sywell and Shoreham-by-Sea.

There are other companies offering what they claim to be the same service but we are proud to say we are the first and still the best. Our cockpits are professionally made and in the places it counts … with Boeing parts! Some UK companies are using cockpits we made for them whereas others are using what can only be considered to be posh home simulators. Ours are professional grade cockpits and are used by people wanting a thrilling one off experience all the way to professional pilots needing to keep their skills fresh.

We have been and still are the leading flight simulator company in the country as we continue our success as an ever growing company.

We are pleased to offer what we hope to be an attractive incentive to promote our products. Competing potentially with other flight simulator companies and the general gift experience market we hope to stand out as a different, unique and exciting alternative in the present buying market.

For more information about the Virtual Aerospace affiliate program, click here.