Affiliate Marketing

No risk marketing - paying only on confirmed sales makes Affiliate Marketing a cost effective way to generate new busines online. It has the added benefit of building brand awareness of your product or service at exceptionally low cost. With your banners and links showing over many affiliate sites you can really elevate your sites exposure without spending money.

With your adverts being shown on sites whose owners have decided that your products fit with their audience, or, more importantly, who feel they can sell your service to their user base means that conversions from curious visitors tend to be far higher.

People who run popular and niche sites are often in a unique position to influence their audience as independents, experts or enthusiasts in a particular sphere of interest. This can make them an ideal outlet for Online Merchants to advertise. By joining Paid On Results, affiliates are able to select appropriate banner adverts from a selection of merchants and easily insert them into their site. Once inserted, any visitor to these sites that clicks on the banner, and then goes on to make a sale, generates a commission for the affiliate.

Using Paid On Results means that all clicks are tracked and commission paid on all resulting sales an affiliate makes. This allows you to monitor, in detail, all interest in your product or service. This information is invaluable for marketing as it allows you to see things such as which banners are attracting the most clicks/leads, where your prospects originate and who your top affiliates are.

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