Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is an extremely cost-effective way to generate new business online. Paid On Results are a low cost and high-value platform for new and established Merchants to drive sales via the Affiliate Marketing channel. You set the commission rate you wish to pay Affiliates, so are in complete control of your costs. Our Network Override and monthly Network Access fee are the lowest in the industry, giving you the best return on your spend.

With an Affiliate Marketing program a Merchants banners, links and products are shown across a wide range of Affiliate websites thus increasing your brand exposure with no additional cost.

Paid On Results makes it easy for Affiliates to promote our Merchants by offering a wide range of standard and unique tools via the Paid On Results system. From a simple link to a range of creative options or dynamic plugin content to the more advanced data feeds and APIs.

Merchants who select Paid On Results as their Affiliate Network, will, for a very low monthly Network Access fee, have access to the top UK Affiliates. All clicks are tracked and commission paid on all resulting sales an Affiliate generates. Paid On Results will handle the payment processing of Affiliate Invoices. Many Merchants moved away from in-house Affiliate Marketing programs for this time-saving feature alone.

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