Affiliate Network

Paid On Results, founded in 2002, has constantly been developing our Affiliate Network. Through technological excellence and investing in the future of Affiliate Marketing, we have established good working relationships with leading Affiliates worldwide. With unparalleled tracking reliability and ongoing innovation, we have earned the trust of our UK Affiliate Marketing partners.

As an innovative Network in the Affiliate Marketing space, this frequently entails making game-changing decisions about what is best practice. We have an unrivalled track record in this area. Our stance on issues ranging from brand bidding to voucher codes is frequently accepted as the industry standard.

Our straightforward approach, combined with personal communications, dramatically assists our clients in understanding the nature of the market and realising their full potential.

Industry leaders have praised us for our numerous innovations and for developing many tools years before others. Our business structure has been one of Paid On Results' strengths. Being a privately-owned company with a small group of Affiliate experts as Directors has allowed for the rapid implementation of forward-thinking, new tools. In contrast, other Affiliate Networks cannot respond as quickly to the online world's ever-changing landscape. We have provided our partners with sound advice, guidance, and tools to embrace changes in the online space, allowing our Affiliates and Merchants to benefit and thrive.

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