Affiliate Product Search

Making product links accessible to all

Perfect for your influencers and content Affiliates, exclusive to Paid On Results

With thousands of products to browse and search across all Merchants, Affiliate Product Search is breaking down the barriers and making it quick and easy for Affiliates to find product links and images.
For Merchants

By providing a product feed to us, your products are automatically included in Affiliate Product Search, giving Affiliates of all ability unmatched easy access to target and promote your products for better conversion.

For Affiliates

Browse a Merchants products by category, or search across all Merchants, find the product you're looking to promote to be given the Affiliate URL you need. No complex linking, data feeds or APIs needed everything is just one click away..

Packed with useful, time saving features

So Affiliates spend less time on the day to day and more time generating sales

All product images available in 10 standardised sizes, making it the perfect fit for any content
No deep linking needed, the Affiliate URL for all products are ready to use, giving peace of mind that sales will track
Discover new Merchants to promote, search for the products you wish to promote and see which Merchants are selling them
Dedicated website for Affiliates to use and Merchants to share with Affiliates in emails
By helping Affiliates to find products to promote quickly and easily, providing Affiliate links and product images with one click, less time is spent creating links and more time promoting products, generating increased sales for Merchants and commission for Affiliates.