Bubba Bambu Affiliate Program

Bubba Bambu Here at Paid On Results we are happy to announce the launch of the Bubba Bambu affiliate program.

Bubba Bambu specialise in bamboo baby clothing from ethical sources.

Bamboo is FABULOUS for sensitive skin – well, to be honest, its fabulous for ALL skin types but for those who do suffer with sensitive skin, bamboo may just be that “miracle” that you are looking for.

At Bubba Bambu, they are very aware of their responsibility to leave their footprint on the planet in a positive way and as a company they will recurrently look to ways in which they can do this. This includes the products that they use, the way they communicate and ensuring the companies they work with share the same values. They know how important it is to do as much as possible to leave their children a healthy planet in which to grow. They assess this regularly and welcome any suggestions of how to continually improve on this front.

For more information on the Bubba Bambu affiliate program, click here