Improved Content Creator – Sneak Peek!

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The Paid On Results ‘Affiliate Control Area’ is highly regarded as one of the best in the Industry however that doesn’t mean we stop improving things and the feedback we have received over the past year has leads us to design many more improvements. One of these improvements is to the usability of the Content Creator, the system was launched over 2 years ago and as reported last week one of the Industry’s leading Affiliate Marketing Company’s gave it 9/10 when they tested the offerings from other Affiliate Networks. So might be a surprise to some that we have been working on this highly regarded system over the past few months to improve it still further.

The Content Creator is your gateway to creating content based around Merchants product feeds. All content is dynamically served, meaning changes to the products are reflected automatically, such as changes to the products price, your content will even update to new products being added. You have full control over the design and products selected in your content. Once created you can modify the content via the system and your changes are reflected instantly wherever you have integrated the content. Ideal for all kinds of sites, including blogs.

You can view a flash demo of how to setup basic content for your site by clicking the image below.

The new tweaks and improvements for the Paid On Results Affiliate Control Area are expected to go live this month once all have been fully tested.