Content is King

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Leading Affiliate marketing company Existem (company behind A4U Forum, A4U Expo, etc) give the Paid On Results ‘Content Creator’ 9/10 in a recent review all systems from major Affiliate Networks.

Paid On Results have always prided ourselves in offering all Affiliates technology that is both easy and quick to use, so it was great delight that we read on the Existem website that Chris Johnson (Marketing Executive) has rated our system the best after trying to add content to use on the cash back site FreeFivers.

What made it even more interesting was that our content system is now 2 years old having first been made live in 2005 was up against many newer system from several bigger networks that launched their offering just this year.

Well I can exclusively reveal that Paid On Results has been working on an improved system that is due to go live in the coming weeks. While it is high praise to get 9/10 from Affiliates actually using the systems we have also been listening to feedback that has recommended changes, as well as studying the users interaction and the usability of the current system to come up with changes that once you see them in action you will agree have improved the system even more.

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