Dead Links are Alive!

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Paid On Results launch a unique way for Affiliates to deal with expired links. In the ideal world, as Merchants close a program, Affiliates will nip on and remove the links replacing them with relevant new Merchants. However, we are very aware that the time involved in just hunting down the links over a number of sites can be very time consuming and, as one large affiliate pointed out, some times a few links get lost in the mix and are very hard to track down.

In steps the Paid On Results Expired Merchants System. Affiliates can pre-select how they deal with Merchants when their links have expired.

Choices include:

Display the standard expired Merchants page, with related Merchant links.

Display your own customised expired Merchants Page. You design it and we automatically insert the most relevant Merchants from our Network.

Continue to redirect to the expired Merchant as normal. Of course no commission will be paid.

Redirect to any URL of your choice. You can even show related Merchants links with the cut and paste in code that we provide.

So we have something to cover everyone. By default, if you do nothing, we will display the standard expired Merchants page, with related Merchant links.

If one of the related Merchants we have chosen on the expired Merchants page is not one you’re an Affiliate of currently and if you make a sale via this Merchant you will be sent an email inviting you to join the program. If you do so within 7 days of the sale and are accepted (note currently we only show Merchants with an auto-join policy) then you will be rewarded with the sale. You should consider removing and updating your expired link with this new Merchant as clearly your customers are interested in buying via that Merchant should a sale happen.

The new system doesn’t just do all that, we will also email you every day with a list of expired link locations that have been clicked on (note that you do not get an email if nothing was clicked on). This will allow you to more effectively find and deal with old links on your website, and will hopefully lead to greater conversion as your site is full of live Merchants you can actively make money via.