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In time for Black Friday this year we made an industry first change to our emails to Affiliates.  With Affiliates receiving hundreds of emails a day from Merchants across different Affiliate Networks, the only consistency in those emails, is the inconsistent look and contents.

Paid On Results has launched new standardised emails to Affiliates, across all Merchants.

This means each email received by Affiliates, regardless of Merchant, will follow a single beautiful look and always contain everything needed for Affiliates to act upon the information.  This includes clear start and end dates for offers, all links correctly provided ready to use, one click links to find Merchant logos and creative.

The unified look makes it easier for Affiliates to absorb the information.  Assured that each email received will always have what they need, Affiliates spend less time on the “day to day” and more time promoting Merchants.  It makes Merchant emails truly useful, cutting out the unnecessary and focusing on the details.

Without the need to worry about how your constructing emails to Affiliates, Merchants benefit too.  You can deliver information quicker than before, with each email you send correctly formatted, with links and other essential details automatically added in, and before send, verified by us based on our years of experience.  If you’re a new to industry Merchant with your first Affiliate Program, or an experienced pro, each email you send will be perfectly made and loved by your Affiliates.

With these new standardised emails and through tools such as Merchant Logo Creator, which provides quick access to Merchant logos and easy to find product links with Affiliate Product Search, Paid On Results is helping to make Affiliate Marketing easier and accessible to all.

With Paid On Results, Merchants can work with top UK Affiliates, at the lowest fees ensuring your not losing money on high network fees.  By working with us, costs normally associated with Affiliate Networks can be put towards improved commission rates, tenancy payments or simply enabling a better ROI.