Heritage Watches Affiliate Program

Heritage Watches Paid On Results are delighted to announce the launch of the Heritage Watches affiliate program.

Heritage Watches are an online retailer of luxury Swiss watches including, Omega, TAG Heuer, Breitling, Cartier and many more high end brands.

Prior to listing the prices displayed on our website, we carried out extensive market research in order to set our prices lower than the prices of our competitors. We did this in order to maximise our level of sales as well as making us more attractive to potential affiliates. In addition to our superior discounts, our product range is highly extensive therefore maximising the chance of the customer finding the watch that they are looking for.

With our average sale price being around £4,000, with several of our listings exceeding the £20,000 mark, the amount of commission paid to our affiliates on each sale is far greater compared to a retailer supplying cheaper watch brands. With all of these above factors being taken into consideration, we feel that we would make a fantastic partner for potential affiliates and would form a long standing relationship that would be mutually beneficial.

For more information on the Heritage Watches affiliate program, click here