Ossur Webshop Affiliate Program

Ossur Webshop Paid On Results is delighted to announce the launch of the Ossur Webshop affiliate program.

Founded in 1971, Össur are a global company specialising in the manufacture and distribution of prosthetics and orthotics. We also work closely with Paralympic athletes with the UK supporting Richard Whitehead and Jody Cundy among others.

The Webshop is purely focused on orthotics (or bracing), selling everything from ankle braces to knee braces and elbow braces. These types of products are available in most high street supermarkets and pharmacies, however we can boast that we supply these very braces to both the NHS and MOD, as well as being the only European distributer of BioSkin performance bracing.

For more information on the Ossur Webshop affiliate program, click here