Our Flexible Communication Controls

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Our flexible communication controls provide Affiliates with complete control over the emails received from Merchants.  With hundreds of emails sent to Affiliates across different Affiliate Networks daily, we want emails received by our Affiliates to be wanted, standardised and tailored to Affiliates requirements.  Thereby, creating a utopia where email communication between Affiliates and Merchants is useful once again.

Subscribing to different emails

You can subscribe to each different email list separately.  For example, if you want to receive Merchant newsletters, but not voucher alerts you can.  You can subscribe to different emails with different email addresses too.  Subscribe and manage your subscriptions through your Affiliate Control Panel > Affiliate Profile > Manage Subscriptions

Adjusting the emails you receive

Through your Affiliate Control Panel > Account Options > Merchant Emails you can adjust your email controls for each type of email received from Merchants.

Filtering by Affiliate status

At the simplest you can choose to receive emails from only Merchants you have already joined as an Affiliate, or for all Merchants.  This is ideal to keep up to date with opportunities from Merchants you have yet to join.  If you’re waiting for a Merchant to issue a voucher code, or release a “must have” product, opt to receive emails from Merchants you have yet to join.

Filter by Merchant category

Only promote high finance or maybe high fashion Merchants?  Filter communication by Merchant category and only receive emails from Merchants in those categories by selecting your chosen categories and enabling filter by selected category.  Or choose to filter by relevant category and let us automatically send emails for Merchants who are in categories you are known to work in.

Set criteria based on performance

For more refined control, you can set your own custom criteria.  By setting your own custom criteria you can choose to only receive emails from Merchants who you have sent certain levels of clicks to, made a specific amount in commission from or those you have recently promoted.

Complete control with our Whitelist

If your inbox is a place of solitude, you can choose to only receive emails from Merchants on your whitelist.  Add Merchants to your whitelist, even choosing the types of emails to receive, and you will only receive emails from those Merchants.

 Adjusting your permission lists as you go

Each time you receive an email from a Merchant you can choose to receive future emails from them or not.  Simply click the link to unsubscribe at the bottom of the email to toggle different emails for that Merchant on or off.

Our standardised approach to emails from Merchants

You can expect all Merchant emails from us to follow a beautiful standardised look.  Including all the information you need to promote a Merchant, links to our Merchant Logo Creator to find the Merchants logo, direct links to their creative and even product listings.  This is just one of the ways Paid On Results is making it easier to be an Affiliate by allowing you to spend less time with the “day to day” and more time generating commission.