Proactive Healthcare Affiliate Program

Paid On Results is very happy to announce the launch of Proactive Healthcare affiliate program.

ProActive Healthcare has a reputation for customer service, reliability, quality and confidentiality. We operate a secure payment site which can be verified before you enter your details on the payment page. We started in 1997 after owner Stephen struggled to get a diagnosis as to why he felt so ill.

His own journey led him to many doctors and practitioners who were unable to help, one even suggested it was all in his head until an article about mercury poisoning piqued his interest. This article all made sense and finally, Stephen was able to discover a reason as to why he was so gravely unwell.

Proactive Healthcare was born out of Stephen’s desire to help other people have access to the products that helped him so much and was the first to bring Quicksilver Scientific products to the UK. Many people will notice that we do not have thousands of supplements like other large companies, this is because we personally select the brands to work with and believe in quality over quantity, we are a small family business whose main goal is to help people rather than be a corporate money-making machine. Now in 2023, Stephen is working on launching a charity in his wife’s memory dedicated to helping people afford natural health solutions!

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