Sir Gordon Bennett Affiliate Program

Paid On Results is very happy to announce the launch of the Sir Gordon Bennett affiliate program. is a specially curated, content driven online store that sells products that look beautiful, are made well, work better and are all made in Great Britain.

We work with brands that have great stories to tell, as you will see when you take a look at our shop. Whether that is their amazing story, famous clients or whether they were part of a historical event.

Take Kent Brushes for example, they are the oldest hair brush company in the world and have 9 successive Royal Warrants, or Chester Jeffries, who made Heath Ledger’s purple Joker gloves in Batman, or even Risdon & Risdon, who make the aprons for Mary Berry and Britain’s Best Home Cook. 

Some facts about the British buying habits. 93% of Brits claim they would be willing to pay a premium for British made products and 50% more Brits are actively searching out British made products than 4 years ago.

We believe that Britain should be rightly proud of its manufacturing industry and the craftsmanship that goes into those products and are on a mission to get more people to buy British. Not just because they are British, but because they are made well and will invariably last longer. 

At we are building not just a community of like minded people but friends. We are as competitive as we can be. We encourage people to join Gordon’sBUGLE our newsletter to receive free shipping throughout the UK and EU. We want affiliates we work with, to also be friends of and will help in any way we can to facilitate a great working relationship, that is fruitful to both parties. If you have any queries then you can always ping us an mail

For more information on the Sir Gordon Bennett affiliate program, click here.