Transaction Alerts – New Tool

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Paid On Results launch Transaction Alerts, a new feature for both Affiliates and Merchants.

Transaction Alert is your powerful tool to alert you to new transactions in your account or validations to existing transactions. You can receive Transaction Alerts through HTTP requests (GET or POST) or by Email.

Ideal for Affiliates

Transaction Alerts are ideal for cash-back or incentive based sites as it allows you to receive information on sales to update your own databases.

Ideal for Merchants or Agencies

Transaction Alerts allow us to pass back to you in near real time sales that have happened in your account, opening up the possibility of having in-house applications that can monitor your Affiliate transactions in your own systems and reports.

Key Points

  • Highly Configurable so each alert contains as much or as little information as you require.
  • You can set-up multiple alerts. So key people involved in your program can get near real-time updates for example Merchant could get information along with Affiliate Management Company or Agency.
  • The alerts are sent in near real time as our system updates.
  • Alerts available via HTTP and Email. Useable for all regardless of size or technical ability.

Real Examples

  1. Run a cash back site and need the field names to be a certain name so your system can understand each alert as it’s posted to you. This is not a problem as Transaction Alerts are fully configurable so you can call any field any name you like, for example “Commission” could be changed to “Money” so your system can understand the data it’s receiving.
  2. Want to keep track of just the big sales, no problem with Transaction Alerts you can set commission amount from £5 upwards and you will be kept in the loop from when a sale is pending, until it’s validated or made void.
  3. Need to have separate alerts to tell you about pending, validated and void sales. Simply set up an alert for each type of notification and give each one its own unique URL to submit the information to or its own email address.

Ready to use right now!

No need to ask for it to be activated in your account, it’s ready to use right now for everyone.

Affiliates: log in to Affiliate Control Area, look under “Tools” and click on “Transaction Alerts”.

Merchants: log in to Merchant Control Area, look under “Manage” and click on “Transaction Alerts”.