Vegan Power Nutrition Affiliate Program

Vegan Power Nutrition Paid On Results are very happy to announce the launch of the Vegan Power Nutrition affiliate program.

Vegan Power Nutrition is a UK company that supplies the highest quality, plant-based supplements to a worldwide market. We use natural ingredients and formulations that use a wide range of ingredients for optimum nutrition. We have a range of products that are categorised into 5 main sections – Vitamins & Minerals; Meal Replacement; Sports; Weight Management; Detox.

It’s an exciting time for the plant-based/vegan market as shown by the stats below:

The vegan market is currently exploding – “veganism is on the rise in Asia, has grown by 500% in the US since 2014 and 360% in the UK over the past 10 years and over 4% of the German population is vegetarian. Not to mention that 31% of Americans practice meat-free days.”

Millenials also “…have unprecedented access to information, which allows them to be more discerning about the food they eat and the groceries they buy, not to mention the companies behind them. Not only are they more likely to identify as conscious consumers (66% are willing to spend more on a product if it comes from a sustainable brand) and they are extremely concerned about their health from a young age.”

Vegan Power Nutrition targets this niche market filled with people who are passionate, ethical, concerned about their health and are willing to pay more money for products that align with their lifestyles and beliefs. We don’t compromise on quality and supply informative information on the website along with our products to help people lead a better, optimised life.

For more information about the Vegan Power Nutrition affiliate program, click here