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Our philosophy is simple: empower your biology to thrive naturally. No shortcuts or artificial substances, just purposely formulated nutrition scientifically and clinically validated to support your mind’s wellbeing.

Unlock your intrinsic resilience and feel the difference in stress load, mood and anxiety when your base is right.

Introducing ALLY N°1
The first mental health supplement of its kind, ALLY N°1 is a mental-wealth powerhouse meticulously crafted to support the mind. Developed by an award-winning Cambridge & Harvard-trained neuroscientist, it combines a proprietary blend of next generation gut-brain probiotics with curated polyphenols and saffron bioactives in a synergistic formula that has shown to ease feelings of anxiety, reduce stress and improve mood in gold-standard scientific and clinical studies.

What our customers say:
"I've had a super positive reaction to ally. Since starting I have a noticeably more balanced mood. I also don't feel as easily triggered over the small things."
Natalia M.

“My baseline + tolerance for smaller stresses that sometimes could tip me over the edge into a higher stressed state has really strengthened.”
Rebecca O.

“I have a busy lifestyle and have suffered from anxiety for the past 10 years... been using Ally for the past 4 weeks and have seen a significant improvement on my day-today mood. I feel lighter, my anxiety symptoms have weakened and I feel calmer under pressure.”
Olivia S

Award-winning formula
Since our launch in January 2023, Ally has received 11 prestigious awards, including the Beauty Shortlist Wellbeing Awards 2023 - Editor's Choice winner, the Get The Gloss Wellness Awards 2023 - Best Product for Mood finalist, the AI Global Health & Pharma International Life Sciences Awards 2023 - Best Mental Health Supplement, the Clean + Conscious Wellness Awards 2023 - Best Supplement & Editor’s Choice, the CLW Innovation & Excellence Awards 2023 - Supplement Brand of the Year, the Global Green Beauty & Wellbeing Awards 2023 – Best Supplement for Relaxation & Best Wellbeing Supplement, and three gold places in the Nourish Awards 2023 – Gut Health, Vitamins & Supplements and Innovation.

Inside ALLY N°1

A proprietary blend of the most well-researched probiotic strains for mental wellbeing. Unique to Ally and shown to significantly improve mood and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

Provenance: Naturally fermented under carefully set growth parameters, cryoprotection conditions and environmental controls. Protected by Bio-Support™ technology and demonstrated to survive the GI tract.

Purpose: Shown to reduce biomarkers of stress in clinical studies and significantly improve feelings of stress and anxiety. Supports the functioning of dopamine and serotonin pathways along the gut-brain axis. Each daily dose of ALLY N°1 contains the exact amount of colony forming units (CFU) that yields significant results in clinical studies. 

Naturally rich in highly bioactive compounds known for their positive effects on mental health.

Active compounds: Apocarotenoids, crocetin esters, picrocrocin, safranal

Provenance: Harvested in the Castilla-La-Mancha region in Spain. A patented, cold extraction method is used to preserve maximum amount of actives.

Purpose: Ally’s bioactive-rich saffron has been studied for a range of mental health benefits, showing significant improvements across mood, stress reactivity, tension and feelings of anxiety. The active compounds in saffron support the balance of key neurotransmitters and have shown to facilitate neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to flex and change). With proven bioavailability and a rapid absorption period (within 1h), Ally’s saffron bioactives offer a natural source of direct and tangible mental health support

Nordic Bilberries
Nordic bilberries contain one of the most well-researched polyphenols for mental wellbeing – anthocyanins

Active compound: Anthocyanins

Provenance: The more accomplished cousin to the standard blueberry, Nordic bilberries carry one of the highest levels of anthocyanins out of any plant and naturally contain over 15 different sub-types of anthocyanins - a variety that contributes to their systemic health effects. 

Purpose: A potent antioxidant, anthocyanins have shown to increase tryptophan availability in the body (the “raw material” of the “happiness hormone” serotonin), resulting in a whole-body anti-inflammatory effect and an elevation of serotonin. In a recent clinical study, participants felt less anxious, more alert and less fatigued after consuming anthocyanins.

Citrus x Sinensis
Rich source of nobiletin, a rare citrus bioflavonoid and powerful mental fatigue aid.

Active compound: Nobiletin

Provenance: Organic Californian citrus sinensis naturally rich in the flavonoid nobiletin.

Purpose: Rather than acting as a direct stimulant, nobiletin supports the body's own energetic processes by promoting mitochondrial health (the powerhouses of our cells) and the formation of the body’s universal energy form adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP fuels key biochemical processes in the body and brain and is essential for mental energy and stamina.

Japanese Itadori
Responsible for the touted health benefits of red wine, Japanese Itadori contains resveratrol - a polyphenol with potent anti-stress effects.

Active compound: Trans-resveratrol

Provenance: Native to eastern Japan, Japanese Itadori has one of the highest natural concentrations of the most bioactive form of resveratrol: trans-resveratrol. While red grapes are high in resveratrol, it must be converted into trans-resveratrol to be absorbed and utilised by the body. Japanese Itadori contains mostly trans-resveratrol, making it the preferred source.

Purpose: Supports a healthy stress cycle. Trans-resveratrol has consistently shown to normalise the stress-induced activation of the HPA-axis (the body’s natural alarm system), regulating how we respond to (and come back down from) stress. It helps balance cortisol levels (our main stress hormone) and has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Product Facts
RRP: £40 for 1 month’s supply (60 capsules)
Format: Vegan capsules
Dose: 2 capsules per day (am or pm) with food
Targets: +Stress tolerance, +Mood, -Anxiety


"We wanted to create something that would be of real use to people... a sustainable approach to mental wellbeing that takes advantage of our natural resilience potential.”

Prof. Z. Sarnyai,  award-winning Cambridge & Harvard-trained neuroscientist and lead scientist @ Ally

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