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Amalfa is a popular fabric & soft furnishings online retailer covering the whole market. We're big on quality here at Amalfa. Our years of expertise have helped us develop relationships with the UK's very best luxury fabric brands. Designers who stand for true quality, and absolute luxury, with years of history and Royal approval to their name.


Product Range

Our product range starts from £15.99 per metre, and as such has high conversion rates of 4% and over. The opposite end has us selling extremely popular designer brands.

Designer Brands 

  • Cole & Son
  • Sanderson
  • Harlequin
  • Clarke & Clarke
  • Emma Shipley
  • Wedgewood
  • Scion
  • Clarke & Clarke


About Us

We're a growing brand, having had an established online presence for more than 5 years with our wallpaper brand , with new investment, a new sleek website, and growth across digital channels, we're expecting to quadruple our monthly orders by the end of the year. 

Fabric and textiles are just as popular as ever! More and more homeowners are turning to fabrics for their own custom creations, this trend is only just starting and expected to grow. It's a fantastic visual product, that truly excites, and transforms homes. 


How To Sell

Imagery is King when promoting fabric, it's a visual product so go crazy with the imagery to really excite, inspire and convert your users. We have a full product feed with competitive pricing and beautiful images to give you everything you need. 


Why Us?

With a 10% affiliate commission, we're confident our package is extremely competitive. Our ambition is to grow and we appreciate the support you as affiliates can provide us in that mission. That's why we're ensuring our offer to you is the best on the market. 

This Affiliate Program has now closed.

Program Restrictions

PPC Restrictions: We ask affiliates to please refrain from bidding on the brand name "Fabric UK", "", or confusingly similar misspellings or derivatives of the word, full or seperations on PPC search engines.

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