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We're on a mission to make sizing make sense for real body shapes. We're not just a business, this is a crusade, a campaign. Our sizing revolution!

Join us & wear clothes that fit YOU! Ambi Dresses are for people who buy different size tops and bottoms, combing two sizes into one dress. Know the feeling? Then our dresses are for you!

Ambi dresses are made to fit amazingly and look stunning. Our dresses are made for women who take one size in tops and another size in bottoms. Every dress comes with two sizes designed into one garment, either bigger on the top or bigger on the skirt. 

Our sizing is a brand new concept which is available exclusively through us. Originally designed by our founder, Ilona Cash, to fit her own shape, she takes top 8 skirt 10, she quickly realised she wasn’t the only one with this issue.

We put a year into researching and developing the product and discovered that there is a great deal of need for garments in sizes like ours. Now we want to get as many people as possible wearing the right size for them! 

AmbiDress is about changing a sizing system that doesn't make sense and doesn't cater for real body shapes! These are our sizes:

Bigger Bottom

Top 6 with skirt 8 | Top 8 with skirt 10 | Top 10 with skirt 12 | Top 12 with skirt 14 | Top 14 with skirt 16 | Top 16 with skirt 18

Bigger Top

Top 8 with skirt 6 | Top 10 with skirt 8 | Top 12 with skirt 10 | Top 14 with skirt 12 | Top 16 with skirt 14| Top 18 with skirt 16

You can find loads more info at  or via our social media pages on facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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