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With a range T-shirts that cover music, movies, comedy, culture, sport, cars, bikes and politics, BathroomWall has an appeal to a wide range of niche customers. The range of T-shirts is regularly expanded, given affiliates the opportunity to continually target customers with new product

Music & Lyric T-shirts

Music inspired T-shirts are our speciality and the mainstay of our business.  The music T-shirts at fulfils the needs of the legions of T-shirt wearing music fans all over the world who want an alternative to the mainstream.  If you are already selling mainstream music merchandise, BathroomWall gives you the chance to offer your audience a complementary product that attracts additional and alternative buyers, rather than taking them away from your existing programmes..

Movies, Comedy & Culture

Not everyone that wears T-shirts is into music or wants to look like a rock star, which is why the Movies, TV & Culture T-shirts work so well.  Again staying well away from clichéd slogans these T-shirts will find a great market amongst the more erudite customer.  Anyone with a customer base with a high proportion of students is also sure to find plenty of interest.

Why You Should Join Our Affiliate Programme

  • Affordable prices make impulse buys more likely
  • 1 in 3 customers buys more than one T-shirt
  • Excellent rapport with customers
  • Product feed RSS feed
  • Low level of product returns
  • Regular promotions and discount codes

Regular Promotions

We regularly have discount and multi-buy promotions.  We keep all affiliates up to date with promotions via email, and always welcome feedback as well as requests for specific promotions.


Although like most niche music-related products our traditional customer base is mostly male, we do have a growing number of regular female buyers.

Our significant peak periods are spring and Christmas, however, when key artists either tour or release new material sales in those products inevitably spike.  As you would expect the majority of purchases come from the UK but we do a have a large following in the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and Europe (Germany in particular) with the following breakdown:

50% UK purchases
15% US & Canada
25% Europe
10% Australia and the rest of the world

So far we have not yet targeted Japan and the rest of the Far East, although we believe that to be a great potential market, and for those looking to promote in that region we will be delighted to help you create dedicated merchandise.

Why our customers shop with us:

  1. Unique product
  2. Great value – even in tough financial times, the prices remain affordable
  3. “Gotta Have It” – many customers arrive looking for one thing but leave with plenty more besides, due to the extensive catalogue and cross selling features.
  4. Easy to use website with simple category breakdown
  5. Fairly priced delivery
  6. £2.00 for the UK plus £1.10 for each additional item
  7. £3.00 for Europe plus £1.50 for each additional item
  8. £3.50 for the Rest of the World plus £1.75 for each additional item
  9. FREE WORLDWIDE POSTAGE on all orders of 4 items or more
  10. Regular special deals and promotions
  11. Always open to creating bespoke affiliate vouchers and creative
  12. New products added regularly
  13. If it’s listed, then it’s in stock and available
  14. Customers KNOW that we are fans just like them

As a family run company, you know that you can always get to the people that make the decisions, and if there is ANYTHING we can do to help make your campaign a success, you only need to ask

Our Promotions

We are always extending the PR for all our products, increasing brand recognition for all BathroomWall T-shirts, particularly amongst music fans.

Program Commission Tiers

1+ sales per month

7.5% of order value

200+ sales per month

10% of order value

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