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Launched in December 2020, Curious Cat Distillery has created a range of award winning premium, small batch hand crafted gins and rums under the product range of Curious Cat Drinks.

Curious Cat Drinks is a unique, engaging collection of artisan gin & rum, distilled in small batches to exacting standards. A unique blend of botanicals are carefully chosen from around the world and infused in his finest neutral grain spirit to create each products distinctive, smooth, flavour.

The brand plays on the characters and story arc of the famous Alice In Wonderland novels created by Lewis Carroll - they are instantly recognisable but have been given a modern slant that carries playful and engaging branding and incredible product quality. Each of our core collection of London Dry Gins (6 in total) are based around one of the 6 core characters of the novel - Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, Queen Of Hearts, Caterpillar and The Queen's Soldiers. The brand story is based around Cheshire Cat being a master distiller in his home of Wonderland and the other characters contribute to his distillery in their own, unique ways - adding different flavour combinations that relate to their characters.

The brand achieves the following goals:

• Industry recognised awards in 2021 for 4 of their gin range including x3 2 star Great Taste Awards and a Highly Commended Finalist badge from The Gin Guide Awards.
• Creates a new, high impact gin brand that weaves its narrative around the characters of Alice In Wonderland.
• Offers high shelf impact with a more colourful, direct approach to the bottle design than other small batch products on the market.

• Creates a wide appeal which captures the imagination of customers via multiple aesthetic angles.

• Offers a wide, ever expanding range of quality, artisan products using a small batch distillation process.
• Creates a narrative for unique, engaging promotional opportunities focussing on the characters of Curious Cat, his friends and their home of Wonderland.
• Excites gin enthusiasts with original flavour combinations whilst attracting more general drinks consumers to buy into the brand narrative.

• Offers serving suggestions including easy to make at home cocktails which we have curated in-house.
• A cost that is very competetive when compared to similar quality products from competitors and usually slightly undercuts without affecting production quality.


We offer an ecclectic range of alcoholic sprits with the current collection including x6 London Drys, x6 Flavoured Gins and x2 Rums All our bottled products are currently available in 70cl size and all products are 42% ABV (excluding the Navy Strength Queens Soldier which is 48% ABV).

We will shortly be launching our gift sets. They offer a unique opportunity for customers to "dip their toes" into the brand. Our tasting sets are affordable and allow for the ability to sample numerous products from across our range without commiting to a single, larger purchase.  As the name suggests, they are also perfectly suitable for presents, with a range that suits almost all gift buying requirements for alcohol consumers.


Initial sales and analytics across social media and our website channels suggests that our current demographic is very broad but does suggest a slight leaning towards females within the age group of 25 - 55. The male audience is on an upwards trajectory due to the introduction of our rum range.

Our target audience is UK based gin enthusiasts looking for something different and accessible within the high quality, small batch distilled spirits sector. We are also able to attract people from outside the core craft gin demographic with our unique story angle and the range of accessible, varied products including our gift sets that we sell.

Given the current climate we are also targeting the boom in online shoppers with a very efficient, easy to navigate website - allowing people to easily purchase our products for home delivery. 

We have focussed our inital promotions on a North West based audience but have already branched out and sold our product across the entire UK.


• Receive a flat 8% commission across our full range of products (excluding VAT included on RRP) - giving you freedom to utilise multiple sales angles
• Not available in traditional large retail stores - giving the products an exclusivity within the online sales arena
• Work with an engaging, fun and high quality brand - you can be creative and actually have fun working with us
• Products that are of the highest quality and have already received excellent feedback for their taste and flavour range and scooped mulitple awards
- be safe in the knowledge that what you are promoting has a proven customer satisfaction.

In summary, we have a creative, fresh to market craft spirit brand based on a world famous story which already carries a high social media engagement (8%+) across it's channels, a superb and easy to navigate website and a very healthy online UK sales performance. What's not to like?


Program Commission Tiers

8% of order value

Program Restrictions

PPC Restrictions: We ask affiliates to please refrain from bidding on the brand name "Curious Cat Drinks", "", or confusingly similar misspellings or derivatives of the word, full or seperations on PPC search engines.

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