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Easily Pleased

Date joined Paid On Results: 31st January 2014

Affiliate Acceptance: Merchant Approval

Cookie Length: 60 Day(s)

Merchant URL: http://www.easilypleased.co.uk/

Product Feed: Yes

Here at Easilypleased.co.uk we have made our affiliate program effortless and highly lucrative for all those interested in working with us.

We run our program through ‘Paid On Results’, the leading independent affiliate network. Along with the association your site will get with the fastest growing adult toys site, Easily Pleased Affiliate Program offers the following incredibly competitive package:

  • A huge 13% commission
  • Industry standard sized banners
  • Seasonal banners and promotion codes
  • Dynamic content links
  • Live product data feeds
  • Along with these superb commission percentages, we can offer you an unbeatable 60-day cookies policy to help you get those all important sales
  • Impeccable customer service record
  • Over 4000+ Products

To help you in gaining the financial benefits available from affiliate advertising, EasilyPleased.co.uk has a huge range of products on site that you can chose to advertise to your audience. From some of the world’s best known adult toys online, to the newest and most exciting products in the sex industry that are guaranteed to get sales.

Our higher than average order value, combined with our incredible customer service record should give you as a potential affiliate, piece of mind. Not only are we reliable and trustworthy, but we know that we can make an affiliate relationship work, with you!

This Affiliate Program has now closed.

Program Restrictions

PPC Restrictions: We ask affiliates to please refrain from bidding on the brand name "Easily Pleased", "EasilyPleased", "easilypleased.co.uk", or confusingly similar misspellings or derivatives of the word, full or seperations on PPC search engines.

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