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ERA Natur offers cosmetics products made in Bulgaria by Bilka Lifestyle LTD. All products are paraben free and unique for the UK market. The lines that we offer are:

1. Bilka homeopathy toothpastes for adults and children - fluoride free, sugar free, mint free, SLS free (except the Lemon and Grapefruit ones) toothpastes with natural plant extracts

2. Gingival Care for bleeding and receding gums - fluoride free with added herbal and plant extracts with powerful actions

3. Aqua Natura line - body care and face care with added pure cucumber water, cucumber extract, melon extract and shea butter. This line is created for people who have got dry and irritated skin. It provides deep hydration and anti-ageing effect.

4. Rosa Damascena (Rose of Damask) - body care and face care with anti-ageing effects. With added organic Rose of Damask water and organic Rose of Damask oil. Rose oil of Rose of Damask is known all over the world and it is at the price of gold! The rose oil smoothes the skin, stimulates cell regeneration, has bactericidal action and unique properties. It is also used in aromatherapy – removes melancholy, stimulates the senses, increases self esteem and even libido (from where the other name of the rose probably arises) – “flower of love”…

5. Grape Energy Hyaluron+ - Added into the composition, high-tech Hyaluronic acid (Cube3) penetrates the skin up to 4 times faster than previously known – both low and high molecular types. Hydrates in depth, helps retain natural moisture and promotes regeneration of the skin.

  • It provides an immediate lifting effect, smooths wrinkles, improves skin hydration and elasticity within the first half hour. Also creates volume and density.
  • The added Caffeine + in the products is a proven stimulant with a powerful lipolytic effect. Increasing blood circulation, it promotes excreting water and fat from the body and promotes the penetration of oxygen.

6. Mavrud Age Expert Collagen+ - New intensive formula to fight wrinkles and create skin rejuvenation with added high-quality collagen. The unique combination rejuvenates the skin and effectively stimulates cell renewal.

  • Added in the product composition, 100% fish collagen is the major protein in our skin
  • It provides the necessary moisture, improves elasticity and density, stimulates regeneration and smooths wrinkles.
  • It penetrates deeply into cells and helps to maintain the level of collagen in the skin and slows the aging process.

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